About Us


Since 2010, Ozonator has been using Ozone, as one of nature's most powerful sanitisers, deodourisers and disinfectants

We use the latest in portable ozone generating technology to provide a quick and affordable service .  Originally based in Innisfil, we are now located in Wasaga Beach but provide services throughout Simcoe and Georgian Bay.


Ozone has more than one layer...

Most people have heard of the ozone layer (and think of it as a bad thing), in truth it protects the entire planet and everything on it.  In our process, we leverage the power of ozone to destroy bacteria, viruses and pathogens that cause nasty odours and make us sick.


Why we do it...

It's certainly not for the money!  Ozonator is a family ran business, typically offering services to used car dealerships, friends and family.  However, with recent events in the world, we see a need to help everyone have access to effective and safe sanatisation and disinfection of their spaces.